The ATLAS Plant has over 75,000sqft on a 9.98 acres footprint. Our facility is equipped with five manufacturing bays including a pressure welding bay and paint bay/sandblast bay, 15 overhead cranes, exterior yard cranes, and a ceiling clearance of 42 feet. Asphalt paved roads grant quick access to Nisku Spine Road, QE2 Highway, as well as a CP rail spur running in a North/South direction on the Western boundary.


ATLAS Oil & Gas Process Systems Inc. engineers, designs, and manufactures a wide range of production equipment for the processing of crude oil and natural gas for both upstream and midstream operations.

Our strength is providing innovative processing solutions to our customers through the use of industry proven methods and techniques. In-house design, engineering and manufacturing expertise produce custom products for all clientele. Atlas equipment is warranted by field service and parts with 24/7 customer support.

Atlas values collaborating with Engineering firms and oil and natural gas producers to develop equipment standards to their size, capacity and technical specifications. We are committed to completing our projects on time and on budget while maintaining the highest levels of employee and customer safety.






With decades of oil and gas process experience, ATLAS has the in-house expertise,
and capacity to design and manufacture a wide range of custom oil and gas processing equipment.
ATLAS custom designs production process systems tailored specifically to client required applications.
To ensure 100% satisfaction, ATLAS offers full customer field support for all its designed and manufactured equipment.

For preliminary sizing and FEED budgetary pricing, please contact: sales@atlasprocess.com.


The ATLAS HHF treater was developed to handle the rigorous demands of heavy oil treating; it consists of a horizontal vessel configuration with a horizontal fluid flow pattern.

The HHF is adaptable to 2 different gas handling configurations to accommodate customer specific GOR's.

The heating section features twin firetubes to achieve maximum heat transfer resulting in the elevated treating temperatures necessary for treating heavy crude. The coalescing section is comprised of multiple stages designed to deliver maximum performance resulting in effluent oil-water cuts that meet or exceed customer specifications.

Our Treater line-up includes various standard models of the HHF treater. Upon completion of a lab analysis, ATLAS will determine if a standard design will meet customer specifications or if a custom designed unit is required.

ATLAS Fluid Treating and Solids Handling methods include solutions for dealing with sand, drilling mud, paraffin wax and asphaltenes.
Due to the advanced, efficient design of the ATLAS DC Duplex Pulse Treater, at typical treating temperature, it can operate at 10°C (20°F) lower than a conventional Mechanical treater. Lower operating temperatures result in lower operating costs due to a decrease in fuel gas requirements and also results in a reduction in vaporization of the light ends leading to less shrinkage of the treated oil. Less shrinkage equates into an increase of product to sales. A decrease in fuel gas consumption subsequently means a reduction in emissions.

The ATLAS DC Duplex Pulse Electrostatic Treater will dehydrate emulsion using considerably less demulsifier than a mechanical treater, resulting in further operating cost savings.

The ATLAS DC Duplex Pulse Oil Processing unit can process up to 30% more volume than an AC Electrostatic Treater of an equivalent size and up to 2 times as much volume as an equivalent sized Mechanical treater. This results in a decrease in footprint size meaning lower installation costs and advantages for offshore applications.
ATLAS Free Water Knockouts are designed to reduce the load on the treating process by removing large volumes of free water prior to treating of the oil to remove emulsified water. This leads to reduced treating costs and typically a smaller treater.

ATLAS Free Water Knockouts are available in two designs; a fully flooded 2 phase design which separates oil/gas from free water and a 3 phase design which separates oil, gas and free water.

ATLAS Free Water Knockouts are standard as unfired, however a fired option is available.
ATLAS Propane & Butane Dehydrators utilize solid desiccant to achieve dehydration to very low levels of moisture in the final product, meeting or exceeding commercial propane specifications.

Units can be fitted with engineered circular platforms and ladders as required.
The ATLAS standard Gas-Glycol Dehydration Units utilize liquid desiccant TEG to achieve large dewpoint depressions.

ATLAS Gas-Glycol Packaged Dehydration Units include numerous features to ensure that the customers' final dehydrated gas product meets pipeline specifications.
ATLAS Indirect Fired Line Heaters are available in stock designs from 12,000,000 with 25,000,000 BTU/hr. All units come standard with expansion reservoirs, removable coils and firetubes.

ATLAS heater coils are designed to ASME B31.3 and registered with the applicable authority in the jurisdiction of installation.

Coil designs are available in both single and split coil configurations.
ATLAS Oil and Gas Separators come in Vertical and Horizontal configurations, both 2 and 3 phase. Standard to all separators; Inlet diverters, float hoods, 316SS mistex, LSHH and LSLL connections.

Vertical and Horizontal Separators can be supplied as the vessel only or completely packaged complete with skid, building and instumentation to meet customer specifications.
At ATLAS, our experienced engineering staff can custom design an Inlet Slug Catcher to mitigate the many instantaneous flowrate conditions experienced by field operations, reducing and or eliminating production upsets within the plant.

ATLAS Inlet Slug Catchers can be outfitted with custom internals including cyclonic inlet flow dampeners, baffles, separation plates and split flow designs. Packaged units can include crash dumps and other piping modifications to accommodate accelerated fluid handling during slugging conditions.
In remote locations where accessibility to natural gas is limited or unavailable, propane or LPG is usually the next source of heating fuel. As ambient temperatures decrease fuel demand generally increases. ATLAS Propane Vaporizers are designed and sized for each specific application to ensure the delivery vapour pressure required to meet gas distribution system volume demands are met.

ATLAS Propane Vaporization Units are built using the same rigorous standards as our Indirect Fired Line Heaters. Units are skid mounted and packaged for ease of transport and portability. Burner fuel trains meet CSA B149.3 requirements.
Atlas has designed and manufactured pump packages with footprint sizes in the thousands of sq. ft. and horsepower applications in excess of 1000HP. With in-house coating capabilities ATLAS can internally coat your entire injection piping system as required.





QTY (1): ATLAS MODEL: HHF-SD-0830-100
08' OD x 30' S/S Mechanical Crude Emulsion Treater
100 PSI Design Pressure
1/16" Corrosion Allowance
Single Firetube, 2.625 MM BTU/HR Total Duty
Can PKG & Ship in 10 - 12 Weeks



10' ID x 50' S/S Treater or F.W.K.O. 
75 PSI Design Pressure


For additional information & detailed Quotation,
please call our office at (780) 456-6558 OR
email at sales@atlasprocess.com










Whether you have an ATLAS Crude Emulsion Treater, a Gas-Glycol Dehydrator or a basic separator, chances are you will eventually require replacement parts.
At ATLAS, we supply a full range of parts and spares to maintain and repair what we manufacture and sell.

Fire Tubes: All Makes & Models

Repair & Replacement

Arrested Burner

Burner Parts

Mixer & Nozzle

Random Packing

Ceramic Saddles & Pall Rings


Bubble Caps

Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel


ATLAS Thief Hatches

Pressure Vacuum


Anodes &
Anode Heads


Custom Gaskets

Treaters, Line Heaters & Glycol Reboilers







We Offer

Working in partnership with its clients, ATLAS has an exceptional team providing:

• Mechanical and Process Engineering
• Design Drafting
• Materials Procurement
• Field Operational Trouble Shooting
• Shop Fabrication
• Repairs and alterations to existing equipment
• Parts and Spares for all Makes and Models
• Blasting
• Internal and External Coating


Adhering to the highest industry standards, ATLAS is an ASME-certified vessel manufacturer. We are proud to be recognized with the following certifications:

• Certificate of Recognition (COR)
• Engineering Permits to Practice: Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia
• Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Certified to CSA Standard W47.1
• ABSA registered Quality Management System Including:

• ASME Section VIII-1 Pressure Vessels, Shop Construction, Repair, and Alteration
• Miniature Vessels in accordance with CSA B51, Shop Construction
• ASME B31.3 Indirect Fired Heater Coils, Shop Construction, Shop/Field Repair, Shop/Field Alteration
• ASME B31.3 Process Piping, Shop/Field Construction, Shop/Field Repair, Shop/Field Alteration
• Category A, E, H Fittings, Shop Construction

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ATLAS Oil and Gas Process Systems Inc. designs and manufactures pressure vessels and process piping systems for the oil and gas industry, certified by ABSA and ASME. We are always seeking resumes of qualified individuals that are interested in working with us. Although we may not have a position open at this time, resumes may be submitted to careers@atlasprocess.com. 




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